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4th Industrial Revolution has come indicated by the increasing number of products and production processes that utilize information system based technologies. Many innovative products, services and processes arise from key technologies in the Industry 4.0 era namely Industrial Internet of Things, Advanced Robotics, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance, and 3D printing.

Industrial Engineering is one of the majors that determine the effectiveness of Industry 4.0 technologies implementation and it requires Industrial Engineers with special skills in “Intelligent Industrial and System Engineering” who master in modern technologies of product design and development, collaborative working, smart production system, performance management, supply chain, simulation, visualization and analytical skills.

If you want to take a part in the next generation of Industry, then Swiss German University is the right place for you to study Industrial Engineering

Featured Testimonials


Obi Purwanto

Graduated in 2014

Being an Industrial Engineering student at SGU has been a great experience. I did feel very happy and confident while studying in classes, and mostly I could study subjects which I may didn’t get if I became an Industrial Engineering student at another Universities. I met a lot of brilliant lecturers who always give their best to help us and assist us until we get our Bachelor Degree. I made a lot of good memories with my friends inside and outside class. Experience like Internship at ATMI Cikarang, and going to Germany is only two of many precious experiences I obtained at SGU. I hope those memories and experiences will help me to go further and build my future.

Amelia Paramita

Amelia Paramita

Graduated in 2011

For me, Industrial Engineering is the perfect combination of engineering and business but includes the autonomy to make your degree unique and align with your passions.  Opportunities that IE will provide for your future are endless. When I first heard about SGU, I thought it could be a great experience, but I really had no idea how much I was going to benefit from it until I feel it myself! SGU is not about being spoon fed or copying & pasting answers from your lecture notes, it is about thinking, taking initiatives and reaching your goals. It takes some hard work but it is rewarding and extremely valuable in your personal and professional life… and the fun times will make you forget about the lack of sleep. The best part of the study was the internship in Germany, where I had a chance to do my internship in Daimler AG, Stuttgart. Here I got a valuable and unforgettable experience that is very useful and give a value added to my career and personal life now.


Adrianus Gunawan

Graduated in 2011

My experience studying in SGU have allowed me to have vast experience before entering the work field which made us to have a strong foundation to start our career. The curriculum allows us to have a balance mixture between studying theory, practical and life knowledge. Their internship programs in Germany has help me learn valuable life skills, build a wider mindset due to cultural difference and promote close bond within the SGU community.


Erwin Hadhiwaluyo

Graduated in 2011

Swiss German University has made me to become a better man. I feel, the years I spent in SGU majoring in Business Engineering or can be known as Industrial Engineering was one of the most memorable and important in my life. It gave me extraordinary knowledge, experience and also made me ready in working environment. They provide us an opportunity to internship in Indonesia and in Germany so that we can learn many things including understand the cultural differences and people. I am honoured can be taught with great lecturers, studied in great school, and met great friends who gave me new experience I can learn about.


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